Mom's Salad

If you've ever been to a bbq of ours, or any event for that matter, I either have pasta or potato salad along for the buffet line! My mom has made this for our family for YEARS & when Jay and I got married it was his one request; for me to learm how to make it so he can have it anytime we wants. Really he meant everything my mom cooks, so don't be surprised if most of my recipe's are my mom's...not mine. Both salad's come with the same 4 ingredients, you choose potatoe or salad, depending on how much time you have! There's really no measurements, or certain amount of each ingredient, you just kinda chop it up & throw it in! Literally as much as you want!! Typically ours has way more pickle's than normal per Jay's request. 

If I'm in a hurry I do the pasta salad, the noodles boil faster than potatoes do! I use about 3/4 of a box of any type of noodle...depending on the crowd & how many guests will be attending is how I decided the amount to make! This amount was for 7 people & I had a little bit of left overs for Jay for the next day. If I do potatoes, I'll do about 5-6 for this amount of people.  If it's just Jay and I I will make half a box of noodles.. Again, it's mainly just eyeing it & using the amount of "stuff" you want in the salad!

With this amount I used 1 can of black olives

half a jar of mini pickles

4 hard boiled eggs

For the mayo you just eye ball it, usually about 2-3 scoops, and a dash of mustard!


If using potatoes:

Rinse them & towel dry them before boiling them this will help the water soak in & cook the potato faster...about 45 minutes or when a fork can pierce through. When done, peel and let them sit to cool off

Boil eggs

 Chop olives, pickles, eggs & throw it all in a big bowl

After the potatoes/ pasta is done cooking let it sit & cool, otherwise when you add the mayo it will melt and sink to the bottome leaving everything very dry! 

Once they've cooled, throw them in the bowl with the extra's, add the mayo & mustard & mix away!! If you decide it needs more mayo throw some more in! You can NEVER add too much! 

I promise this will be your go to salad this summer! My people literally beg for it every cook out we go attend!