Baby Must Haves


Hi friends! Welcome back! I know it's been a while, hope you all had an amazing holiday!!! Our's was wonderfull! Full of packing, and moving, & unpacking...and still managing to be Santa Claus!! We almost forget to put a tree up!!! Thank God for Emma, how would our household survive without her?! Needless to say, we had a wonderful holiday & started off the new year by celebrating Finn's F I R S T birthday! I still can't even say that without tearing up! Our last baby, is one! Where the heck did the time go guys? 

I get asked A L O T what my favorite go to baby products are! I mean I guess people think I know what I'm talking about when it comes to kids...?! I'll let ya in on a little secret...I have a "preggo guru" She's had 5 herself, looks amazing, and ALL 5 kids are the sweetest human beings! I know how is that possible? There's usually 1 bad one in the bunch, but no not in that household! Between her & my mom's forever, ongoing, advice I think I've come quie good at this mom thing ;) It also helps that they've answered my every question, weird or normal, no matter what time it was in the night, to help with this mommy thing. Things have changed so much, even just from having Emma 6 years ago there's a ton of new things! But this stuff I found to help make our first year a little easier with Finn!

With so many questions, interests, & preggo mama friends all around me, I decided to go down memory lane, stuff my face with cake while I cry about my BIG baby, & show you my top baby must haves for that first 6 months- a year! Hope you enjoy! Click on the BOLD words to shop products! 




1. These BOTTLES saved us transitioning from nursing to pumping! Boy wouldn't take take anything besides mom for months....then came these! LIFE SAVER& come in Pink or Green!

2. This BRA was literally the most comfortbable I've ever found! Super supportive, super comfortable, & able to wear with a shirt without making the girls look...weird. You know what I mean, or you will soon enough if you're preggo ;)

3. This COVER was a must have for those first few months! Works as a nursing cover, a carseat/stroller cover when baby is asleep! And later down the road, throw it on that target cart & you'll be the most fashionale shopper evaaaa!

4. This CREAM will literally save your boobs.....especially in those early weeks of learning your way around nursing! I threw this stuff on before & after nursing & anytime I felt sore. 

5. Grab two boxes of these GEL PADS & keep one set in the freezer at all times!! Helps with engorgement, & cools & soothes instantly when your ladies have had enough....especially during those wondeful cluster feeding stages! Oh the joy's of newborns.

6. This ROCKER was so amazing the first few weeks home from hospital. Has noise machine & rocks itself, and cradles baby perfectly so you can get some sleep before the next feeding!

7. We've had this same SOUND MACHINE since Emma was born! Has multiple songs & sounds & also doubles as a night light that reflects the cutest animals for babe to stare at when learning to sleep in the big crib.

8.  I've been through my fair share of breast PUMPS & this by far was my favorite!!! It's amazing & I truly believed helped me achieve the huge supply I had with Finn! And comes at a great cost! 

9. If I had one thing I wish I had found for all my babes it would be this SLEEPSACK. It's the most bizarre looking thing, but we went from sleeping horribly to sleeping 4-6 hours at a time after I got this guy! LIFE SAVER!

10. We tried all the crazy rockers/ SWINGS & this one stole the show! It swings front & back and side to side. Also doubles as a little bouncy seat later down the road. Finn would sleep & sit in this swing for hours! Especially with this sound machine on so mama could shower, or cook, or clean....or SLEEP!

11. Another bizarre thing we found this pregnancy...the WINDY !! Finn had major gas issues the first few weeks & this weird thing saved us time after time. I'll let you read the details, just be prepared to get real close with your babe real fast! Keep a box of these on hand! 

12. We started the teething stage early on with Finn, around 2 months...and we found this all natural teething GEL made by Wink products! Finn loves it! We leave in the fridge & put on his gums anytime he's cutting a tooth! I love that it's all natural & doesn't help that it's delicious...according to Finn! 

13. This WRAP was my favorite to use! It come's already wrapped in position so when you're alone you're not fiddling around trying to figure out how the hell you just twisted yourself into a real life pretzel! It's soft & breathable so babe won't get too hot! Wore all over Disneyland & Finn and I were super comfortable! Keeps the babe super tight & closet to you, just what they like in the early months! I use it now for support when I'm walking around with him on my hip! 

14. I've had many, many, many...diaper bags. And by far having a BACKPACK style is the best way to go! Makes life so much easier because it's hand's free, and won't take up storage in the stroller, & when there's multiple children need all the storage AND free hands you can get! Mine is from Vans, but this one is super cute & has so many compartments for all those things you don't really need but you think you need;)