Easter is upon us! And as you guys know I go all out around here for every holiday! Except St. Patrick's Day...I kinda forgot to even wear green! Forgot what day it was & headed out to a full day at the salon before I even realized our "leprechaun" never visited our house! #momguilt was rrreeaallll! So I'm making sure the Easter bunny comes in HOT this year! With last minute baskets & hopefully we'll go see him at the mall before he leaves!! ;) There's literally not enough time in the world guys! 

Easter is such a special in our family! Obviously celebrating Jesus & what the day represents to us is #1! But the baskets & egg dying & getting a new outfit for church is so fun for me to be able to do for the kids! I love having traditions in our home that my mom did for me and I now get to pass on to my kid! Especially the new outfit one....that is Emma's FAVE!

1. I love this DRESS! Perfect for this time of weather! Pair with little ankle boots I die!

2. Emma has such blue eyes I love putting on a blue dress to make them pop! This DRESS that goes off the shoulder is so cute & Emma would die over the "big girl" look of it! 

3. Anything pink & vintage looking I'M SOLD! This SWEET dress is made of cotton so it's comfortable & will look sweet on your little girl.

4. Not all Easter dresses have to be pink & fooo-foooo! That's why I love this ONE

5. JUMPERS are everywhere these days! And the mini version kills me! So cute! 

6. If you've seen my home you know I love anything "boho"! This DRESS is perfect for that little hippie girl in your home!

7. This DRESS is so cute for your little girls! Love the A-line cut of it!

8. I know I no longer have a baby in my house..but if I did this ONE would be in her closet on repeat!


I know it's called an "Easter basket" but who needs that many baskets in their home? I love to make the baskets with something the kids will use over & over again! This BUNNY backpack is perfect for Emma & this little square ONE is so cute for Crew!

I always try & get something special for each kid! This SET for Crew is perfect, he likes to have his "OWN" for everything! And since Emma loves to read & has to 10 minutes every night for homework I found this timer

I always buy them a book about whatever the holiday is! Emma is cuurently collecting JUNIE B. JONES! My fave! And Crewski loves anything PETE THE CAT

Since the warmth usually starts around Easter here in HB, I always get the kids a new suit to kick off spring break! I love little boys in SHORTY swim trunks! Emma loves collecting suits so I can't wait to add this ONE to her summer collection! 

The kids have become quite bath snobs! Always requesting their own bath bombs! When I found these EGG ones I had to have them! Check our your local LUSH store, they have so many cute bath bombs for kids in different scents, shapes, colors, & super cool designs like this ONE

You have to have candy for an Easter basket! Otherwise it's like Valentine's Day without hearts! I use these organic SNACKS to throw in the basket & they're bunnys!!!! These SUCKERS are recommended by moms & dentists! They're made with the good stuff & are Sugar free, GMO-free, Gluten-free, & Dairy-free! THESE chewies are like taffy but half the sugar & made with all natural ingredients.

If you're looking for a cute new pair of sandals for your boy I found THESE for Crew! Cute, comfy, & easy to slide on himself!!!! He's going to look so dang cute in them! I love a boy in pink so grabbed this TEE for him to rock to the beach! Hello SPRING BREAK! 

These CARS are great for Crew & his STAR WARS obsession! I got him this LUKE car to race the DARTH VADER

Emma loves getting anything clothes, shoes, purses...she is the girliest & I love it!  But don't cross her she'll get ya ;) I found this TOP for her she can wear alone ot throw over a white tee! Hello Cher! She's obsessed with LOL dolls, this PACK is such a good deal for 3!!!


MAMA dresses

1. Some folks prefere black...most days that's me! So HERE'S an option for my black only ladies!

2. JUMPERS. Jumpin, Jumpin everywhere! Love this one!

3. I love how amazing this DRESS is! It's off the shoulder & has an amazing fit! 

4. This DRESS is sweet, soft, & comfortable! Easter & everyday wear!

5. THIS dress is a wrap detail! Fits anyone great from small, to curvy, to preggo! All for one & one for all!