Life at the Vee's!


The Vee's have been home for about 4 months now & it feels like we never left! We adjusted back into the beach goin' life like it was nothin'! Moving up north was the right call for our family & made the way for Jay to be home permanently! I will forever be grateful for that, but I can't tell you how happy I am that we're H O M E ! We recently spent Easter with some of our best people & we were catching up on what's been going on since Christmas till now! And I realized I hadn't done an update on life with the Vee's since the big move! I of coarse made my mom's famous pasta salad for the buffet, you can find that recipe HERE

Leaving our 2,400 square foot home, for an apartment where the beach is our backyard was the best decision we've ever made!!! Some people would ask why? Leave your beautiful home you owned & loved...for an apartment?? Y E P! And now that I'm working it has made life so much easier....and cleaner!! ;) 

These obviously aren't the main reason's why we moved. Living here & raising our kids with an amazing community & tribe around us was really hard to leave. And hard to replace, hard to fill those void's with new people & open that door again. We stayed close as a family & leaned on each other during a lonely time, & in the end it made our family stronger. 

When we decided to start looking into the move, I was nervous at first!! Mainly, because I hate change, & hate moving...and H A T E change! Even though, this change wasn't something new; we were basically just going home. But it was scary wondering, will our people be welcoming with open arms again? What if they moved on & found a new Coco & tribe? What if the kid's are super upset about leaving their mamu & papu that they used to see DAILY! But after Jay reassuring me over & over again that none of that even matters because we're doing what's best for our family. And he was so beyond right! The kid's, myself, & obviously my SURFabsorbed husband have never been happier!  


Emma Jaye: My sweet girl has been doing amazing since the move! She's totally coming into her own. Good & bad. She's the best little helper I could ever ask for! Little mini mom. Always offering to help with Finn or help Crew out....she even asks to spend her saturday's at my best's house so she can hold her fave 8 month old baby girl! 



I was nervous moving her in the middle of the school year to a whole new school, having to make new friends, & learn a whole new school & adjust to the move. But she fit right in at her school, made amazing new friends, & had already learned a lot of the curriculum at her old school that they were just starting to teach at the new school! She love's to read! Starts a new chapter book every week, it's crazy! But we're so happy that she love's it so much & it's become something her & I can do together.

 She is of coarse coming into her own world of attitude, the eye roll, & Miss Know it all! But she has the sweetest heart, we could not be more proud of her! She is currently deciding wether to get back into gymnastics or start dance! She gets really anxious starting new things & super shy when she has to do anything in front of people, so I don't think dance right now is the best for her...but we want her to decide that on her own!

Crew Parker has become a professional vacationer since the move! Get's his "hot coffee" (hot chocolate) every morning, stays in jammies most days unless we go out in public and I MAKE him change, has park date's on Tuesday's with his best buds & either lounges or is building lego's the rest of the time. He loves to teach Finn new thing's & how to build big towns with the blocks so "BABYzilla" can smash it all! That's what the kid's call Finn when he comes in their room, he's like a bull in a china shop. He LOVES his Sunday school class & has eye's for a special teacher in particular. He will start preschool in the fall & hoping he get's put in the same class with his best bud! That poor teacher, she'll need all the prayer she can get with those 2! Crew loves his friends so, so much it makes my heart so happy! Every week when we lived up north he would cry for his best friends & the beach & now he has his whole world back & Crew is loving life! 

I am literally taking the deepest breath as I start writing about my Finn Bodhi. Yes, he's that kind of baby! Does not sleep, will not let anyone hold or help him but me, Jay, or my mom...who isn't me or Jay. Ha! He is a very extreme child. Love's to give hugs & kisses, loves to pat our back, but when he's mad he's MAD. When his feelings are hurt, it's the saddest thing you've ever soon! He goes from 0-100 is seconds guys!  He has learned to hold his own with the bigs. I'm talking, face slaps, head butt's, & kick's to the shin. I'm just thankful he's not a biter like Crew!!!! We are now on our 3rd round of "sleep training"...I'm so tired I don't even know what that means but we're doing it & just praying every night "please let him go longer than 1-2 hours of sleep tonight God!!!!" So far, it hasn't worked haha but he's happy & healthy & when he's older sleep training his own baby I'm going to miss these least that's what I keep telling myself right? He loves the great outdoors, no surprise there, LOVES the sand & the beach, LOVES his big brother & sister, & most of all he loves and has the best relationship with Jay, and that alone has made these last 2 years of every tear, every move, and every sleepless night worth it. 

Jay & I have been so happy to be home. Where we met, where we got married, had 2 of our babies....this is where we're suppose to be! A year of just the 2 of us was good for us. Kinda had to relearn how to live together after him being gone so long! But not having a close circle, we really only had each other! 

I recently went back to work in the salon & am loving every minute of it! I have never been happier in a salon, surrounded by so many talented women, some mama's, & it's super inspiring to me! I have put my career on the back burner the last 7 years....with a traveling husband & poppin' out babies there's not a lot of time for work or to build your clientele. But with Jay's now job, & him being home so much more, I've really been able to focus on myself & getting my career I love so much going! 

We have a sitter who we all love so much! That was a huge, huge adjustment for me. Giving the reigns over to someone else....letting control go, not having all the time in the world to just do whatever it is I want. But it has made this new season for me so much easier knowing I have someone at home who loves my babies as much as I do! 

Jay is over the moon with his new job! He is a safety specialist & works all over Southern California! He still has ties with the military & working with emergency response type of work, & is in the freaking freezing ocean any chance he gets! He has really stepped up as Mr. Mom! My late nights at the salon he feeds the kids, does homework, does baths, & get's them to brush their teeth/ mouthwash/ take vitamins! 

He's literally the BEST supporter/ partner I could ever ask for! It can get crazy some days, & some days I don't see him till 8:00pm or later if it's a long day for me at work, but we're killing it together & counting our blessings everyday! 

Life here in the good 'ol HB is good, real good. In our dream town, living our best days, we have the best community around us loving & praying with us everyday for our family and these beautiful babies!