Makeup Routine


It's finally Saturday! Which literally means nothing in the life of a stylist! One more work day & the weekend begins! 

I've been getting a lot of questions recently on the products I am currently using in my makeup routine! So, with so many Memorial Day sales happening this weekend I decided to let you in on my makep must haves & hopefully you can get some of my fave's while they're on sale!



- I just recently started using this PRIMER & oh my gosh you guys it's AAHHHHMAZEE!! So smooth, silky, & hydrates my skin so well...ALL. DAY. LONG.

- I use this PRIMER just on my cheeks and sometimes my T-zone to blur out my pores 

- This FOUNDATION is so hydrating, covers all my dark spots, is buildable, & contains SPF! WIN. WIN. WIN. I typically use THIS brush by Morphe or my handy BLENDER. 

- This CONCEALER is perfect for anyone with lines under the eyes. I can't use anything too thick or it will set DEEEEP into my lines, so this one is amazing for that! If I could I would use THIS one but it's too heavy for me.

- This SETTING POWDER is what I use for my under eyes. I use my damp beauty blender, press it in, & let it sit for a few minutes while I do the brows!

- I use this POWDER to set the rest of my face! It's seriously so smooth & not cakey at all! I love this BRUSH for this step.

- This BRONZER is my absolute fave!!! It doesn't work well on everyone, some of my clients with more of a softer, pale skin tone don't take to this product great! Tends to look straight black on them. So test it out beforehand for sure! I use this BRUSH to really hallow out my cheekbones and define that line for a more chiseled look. Hello to all my no cheek bone girls!!! 

- I love any BLUSH by MAC! My current fave is 'Plum Foolery' . I recently got this BRUSH to apply & it has made the world of difference in my application.

- This BROW pomade is just unreal! Glides on, stays all day, & has so many options to match your color! The pigments do come out a little darker so use a shade lighter. I like to go in with THIS fiber gel to give my brows a little more "bushy" look.

- I use browns & greys for the most part on my eyes...THIS palette is my go too and is on sale this weekend....HALF OFF at Ulta! THIS is another go to of mine! And THIS one is next on my list. 

- THIS liquid liner is so old school, but has been my tried & true since my childhood bestie taught me how to use it! Has a short tip so easy to make that perfectc at eye & the liquid is the perfect consistency...not too watery & not too thick.

- I've been using this MASCARA for a year now & I'm still impressed! Just as good as the high end ones.

- This HIGHLIGHTER will amaze you! 

- Any lipstick & liner by MAC is amazing! They're so velvetty & color lasts so long. 

    -My fave LINERS are soar, boldly bare, & spice !

    - Fave LIPSTICKS honey love, hue, & blanketty !

- I found a setting SPRAY that's super cheat & actually works! 

Xo,            Coco