Skincare Routine



Growing up I had the best skin! No zits, no oil, never had to wash my face…literally used face wipes and random lotion?! Fast forward 10 years, hello adult acne, melasma, random acne scars places I never even had a zit…literally how does that even happen?! It’s taken me years, YEARS, trying to figure out what my new life with “adult acne” is. How to treat it. What helps? What makes it worse…..more than half my trials made it WORSE! But, I’ve finally found what works best for me & my skin and all it’s many issues I’ve been fighting! Some may not even really make a difference but I swear it’s helped me!!!!

For years, I used Dermologica, and I loved it, did wonders for me. But, after Finn, the acne was so bad, along with patches of melasma & raging hormones! Nothing was helping my skin! I was so dry, which made my skin overly produce oil, which made the zits come OUT and bad! I first started out with getting facials, once a month, it’s an investment, but in the long run has been so, so worth it!

I switched to Tula products about 6 months ago & it’s seriously been life changing! I have never felt so plump & hydrated!

I ordered the Starter Kit , it’s only $20.00 and I just wanted to see how my skin reacted to it and if I even liked it! I LOVED IT! The Day & Night Cream seriously changed my skin! The whole line is paraben free, cruelty free, full of probiotics, & free some sulfates! But, the one thing that killed me was the fragrance…thanks again non-allergy rhinitis!!! So I quickly found their products that are fragrance free…..and again IN LOVE! So, here’s what I use on a daily basis…

  • Cleansing Oil (2 washes at night, 1 in the morning)

  • Toner (this does contain fragrance, but as long as I’m using my allergy meds, it doesn’t bother me!)

  • Acne Correcting Gel

  • Moisturizer (I didn’t find a moisturizer by Tula that didn’t bother my allergies…so I found this one, fragrance free, Paraben-free, hypoallergenic and non-irritating. It’s amazing! So worth the price guys!) I wake up every morning to plump, glowing, super hydrated skin!

  • Chapstick I just recently started using this & it’s AMAZING! My lips were so chapped & dry and I used this once and instantly they felt better! Great deal right now get a free stick with any order!


Besides using these products, I have found little things that have really made a difference.

I know it sounds so dumb, but when I would go to wash my face I would just wet my hands and go for it?….HELLO!! There’s about 60,000 germs residing on my hands thanks to 3 little monsters! I was basically just washing my face with dirt. So, I started washing my hands thoroughly before I even started washing my face. I know. IDIOT. But now that I am more aware, and made it a key part in my skin care routine, my face has noticed a difference, and appreciates the clean hands. ;)

I also started taking OLLY Clear Complexion , taking these have really helped clear my skin up from the inside out. Vibrant Skin is another amazing one I like to take! And of course, Undeniable Beauty I love to take!

Once a week I use THIS mask! It’s so cheap, but seriously does wonders & cleans my pores right out! I also love THESE for my nose and chin, again cheap, but does the trick!

Another little trick I’ve been doing for about 8 months now, is washing my sheets once a week! I know, it’s EXTRA….but having clean sheets on my skin has been a game changer. I rotate my pillows out so I’m using a clean one every 1-2 days! I know, I know, sounds nuts, but I’m telling you, I had to do a full lifestyle change to get this skin back to normal!!

One thing I need to get more of is some Vitamin C! If you have any suggestions please leave me a comment over on the gram on ones to try!! That’s next on my list, but for now I am so happy how much my skin has turned around! If you’re feeling down or in a skin rut, don’t give up! There is hope, it takes time but I promise there is something out there for you!