Easy, wavy curls!

My favorite part of my appointments is when my client tells me how much they LOVE their hair! They then ask "Can you come home with me & do this tomorrow for work?" It's literally the best thing I hear the entire appointment! Just knowing they love their hair so much and feel that I'm the only one who can get it to look like that! Well that's why I started these easy, fast hair tutorials, so my girls can feel amazing even at home! Hair has always come so naturally to me since I was 9! I just always knew what to do and that it would one day be my dream job! But, I know how helpless it can feel not knowing what the heck to do ...I feel that way with my "adult acne". That's another rant at another time ;)

So I hope you all enjoy this one & get to curling those locks! Post your pics & tag #hairbyCocoVee !! Seriously guys, if my sister can master it, so can you! Happy Friday!