Wednesday's Weekly Faves

It's that time spill my top fave things I've been obsessing over this past week, or past WEEKS for some of these items! So let's get right into it! 


1. I found these SHOES last week & immediately fell in love! They're the perfect taupe and are so comfortable! They also come in black & coral...obviously planning another trip to pick them up in black..or maybe both ;) 

2. This SERUM has turned my skin around in 4 short weeks! After Finn, my skin took a turn for the worst! I've never really struggled with "acne", maybe a zit here & there but I was blessed with great skin..good genes I guess... thanks parentals. But sweet Finn Bodhi ruined that for me. I mean pores the size of moon craters, and zits that could make a pizza, and dark spots that looked like I left crumbs from a coffee cake. I'm still working on finding the best skin care routine for these problem areas but this serum has completely helped with my pores! They are smaller, and less noticeable. I use it morning & night and I love that I can use it as a primer when I'm going without makeup and it really blurs the pores away. I've had it a month and a little goes a long way, it's still almost full! And I'm an over product user! This has definitely become a staple for me in my beauty care routine!

3. I mentioned this SHIRT last week in one of my "MOMiform" posts. It's literally on repeat! At only $15, I have it in 3 colors and I think it's time I stock up 'cause I have been living in them. You can get them in store or online, I've only seen them in black, white, and grey in stores but online it comes in 20+ colors! I love wearing my workout leggings when I'm running around town but HATE when my assets are too showy if ya feel me..and these cover it all perfectly! And that's hard to find for me because I'm tall. 

4. I took a try on these BARS and was so surprised at how good they are! I am still working on losing my baby winter coat weight and I have a hard time getting protein into my diet! Which as we know is great for your muscles after a good work out, blah blah blah. I try to do the protein shakes, smoothies, smoothie bowls, etc. But someday's I just couldn't do it! I found myself adding so many "fix-ins" to my bowls that it was turning into an ice cream Sunday! So I searched for an alternative where I can eat on the go after my work outs that's good, I won't be gagging while eating, & gives me the protein I need! I love these because it's a protein/ fiber bar in one, has 10g of protein and only 150 calories! This is my favorite flavor but they have a ton to choose from! It also comes in this FORM with just protein at 240 calories & 20g of protein! They're both delicious & keep me full which helps when those sweet treat cravings hit when 3:00pm rolls around. Also, gluten free! 

5. Last but def not least ... I'm pretty late to this "essential oil" game! But the one's I've been turned too & learned to use I have LOVED! I'll do another post about that later! Today I'm talking about the essential oil Cedarwood. It has also helped incredibly with my skin battle! Cedarwood oil has antifungal, antiseptic, diuretic, astringent and sedative properties. It has the power to improve your skin, help with organ function, tighten muscles, improve metabolism and benefit your digestive system.You can learn more about the benefits of Cedarwood HERE. I have also been putting this on my pores with my serum up above & I think the 2 are a great combo that has helped my skins overall appearance! I also add the oil in with my face wash whenever I see a pimple start to appear & by the next morning the redness is gone & it's already decreased in size. We also use this oil for Emma's eczema when she has a flare up and within a day the rash has smoothed out & started healing. I have some more favorite's I'll share with you later but find your local essential oil rep & get this one! You will not be disappointed. 


Hope some of these become your fave too! It's almost Friday, keep on humpin'!