Wednesday W A N T S

Hello February!! I mean, it’s technically March in 2 days, but who’s counting right?! I am actually, because I’m ready for some spring temperatures!!!

I originally wrote this blog for a gift guide for your ladies on Valentine’s Day! whooops! Little late, I know. So sorry life happens….. So instead, we’re just going to call it this week’s ‘Wednesday’s Wants’! Obsessed with all these things, not just this Wednesday but everyday! Just some everyday, goodies, for a friend, or a birthday, or duh girl for YOSELF!

There’s a little something for everybody! So grab that cup of coffee, or wine, & let’s start browsin’!!

—Shop the looks in BOLD letters!




1- A candle is always a win! Especially THESE ones from Anthro! Every girl’s fave!

2- You can never have too many phone cases! THIS one is super protective, comes in so many patters…and this is next on my list!

3- I have recently been hooked with this pop socket craze! I love this’s black & has an attachment for the car to hook on and sit so you aren’t tempted & hand’s free! You’re welcome mom.

4- I’ve seen this coat all over & is ssssoooo expensive at most boutiques! I found it HERE, half the price, literally same coat! It’s a teddy bear ddddrreeeaaaammm!

5- I buy notebooks all the time, even when my new one is empty…I want it, I get it. THIS notebook! It’s so cute, great size, every girl needs one in her purse!

6- We have a record player here…it’s Jay’s. But now I can use it ‘cause I found the best cd in record form! NSYNC obvi!!!! Also, found SPICE GIRLS. YOU’RE WELCOME.

7- For all the makeup lovers. All you need is THIS palette! Let the makeup goals begin.

8- Don’t waste money on plants anymore you know you’re going to kill in a week… Instead, get THIS artificial plant, it’s gorg & can be a year worth of flowers!!

9- THESE sunnies are my new fave’s! So cute & comes in 3 different shades.

10- I love everything from James Michelle! I’ve had my eye on THIS ring for so long, I need it! Eventually I will have THIS one as well!

11- And, socks. Who doesn’t love cute & cozy SOCKS!

12- THIS Tom Ford is my new favorite! You can never have too many perfume options!